Cross Country Schedule
9/4 Essex HS Only 9:30 am (7:00am bus)
9/11 @VTC 9:30am  HS and MS  (6:15am bus)
9/14 @Milton  HS and MS  3:00pm (1:00pm bus)
9/18 Choiniere farm HS and MS 10:00am (8:30am bus)
9/21 @Milton HS and MS 3:00 pm (1:00pm bus)
9/25 @Stowe HS and MS 10:00 am (7:30am bus)
9/28 @Mt.Abe HS and MS 3:00pm (12:30pm bus)
10/6 @Craftsbury HS and MS 3:00pm (12:45pm bus)
10/9 @Harwood HS and MS 11:00am (7:30am bus)
10/12 Richford C.C HS and MS 3:00pm (1:30pm bus)
10/16 MVU NVAC HS only 9:00 am (8:00am bus)
10/19 Hardack MS only 3:00 pm (1:30pm bus)
10/22 Mt.Mansfield HS only 3:00pm (1:00pm bus)
10/30 Theford HS only 9:00am (6:00am bus)